Wet Inside and Out

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It’s been raining the last two days, and I’ve been stuck inside. When I woke up this morning, my pussy was soaking wet. Of course, I wasn’t going to let it go to waste. So I called up my friend to come over. This guy has the biggest fucking cock I’ve ever seen. He also know just how to use it. He’s been addicted to my ass for weeks now. He can’t get enough of bending me over, and stretching my asshole out. I can’t get enough of his cock either. He’s fucking huge. Have I said how much I love big fat cock? Hell he even loves it when I hold his balls, and lick his ass too. He’s a nasty mother fucker too, likes it when I bend him over with my strap-on and fuck his ass till is cums all over himself. I couldn’t wait to get my fingers up in his ass, and make him cum over and over again for me. Just something about dominating his ass turns me on and gets my tight little pussy throbbing. This morning though, I was ready to get my ass stretched by him, and as always he does exactly what I ask. We finally got his entire fist deep into my asshole. I can’t fucking wait to get a big cock up my ass, and have someone fist my tight little pussy. It’s going to take some lube, and patients but I’m ready to have both my holes stretched at the same time!  I’d love it if you gave me a call and told me just how badly you want my ass bend over in front of you, nice shaved pussy staring right up at you, while you drive your thick rock hard cock right in my nasty asshole!

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