Anal Cum Dumpster Bev

anal cum dumpster

Anal cum dumpster Bev is what the boys were calling me this morning. I woke up with a sore ass filled with come and a foggy memory. My trailer reeked of cum and whiskey. Coke trails adorned the coffee table. About 20 boys were naked passed out on the floor, accept for one who told me I was his first fuck. I blew him, put on a pot of coffee, did a line and asked him to tell me what happened last night. That empty bottle of Jack Daniels on the ground was the reason why my memory was spotty.  As Ethan told his tale of debauchery with a trashy MILF, I learned I picked him and his friend Joel up at the food court at the mall. I was shit faced and horny. Apparently, that was my pick up line. When we got back to my trailer, I asked them to call up their friends. About 30 minutes later, the Hancock swim team was in my trailer gang banging the old MILF. I served them drinks and offered up coke and pussy. It was my ass, however, that was the most popular with the boys. Most of them were not virgins, but none of them had fucked a girl in the ass yet. Ethan showed me his cell phone. The pictures helped me piece the night together better. I had no regrets. I mean I fucked an entire high school swim team last night. I let young boys party and enjoy anal fucking. I know I had a good time even if I had no real memory of the fun. An ass full of a cum always means a good time for me. I was sober when I woke up, just high. So, I told those boys to recreate last night’s dirty fun for me. This time I remember being an anal sex whore.

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