Stretch My Ass

anal sex whore

It’s been awhile since I got something big for my ass. I had a guy last night at the bar take me home, we started fucking around. Once he realized I was a dirty nasty little slut, he brought out the biggest fucking dildo I’ve ever seen. We lubed up my ass, he shoved his cock deep inside my ass and fucked me until I squirted all over him. I laid down on my stomach, lifted my ass up and felt him use his tongue all around my hole. I could still feel all my pussy juices running down my legs when he grabbed that dildo and popped the huge head right into my ass. I’d have to say this shit was at least 8″ around and 12″ long. I started leaning back on that huge dildo, feeling him spread my ass cheeks with his hands. Inch by inch it sunk into my nasty little asshole. Before I knew it he was tonguing my pussy and nibbling my throbbing clit while sliding that huge thing in and out of my ass. Just before I was about to come all over his face, he shoved his fat cock deep in my pussy and pounded me. I could still feel all of the dildo deep up my ass while he shoved deeper and deeper into my tiny little cunt. I came all over his throbbing cock and made him finish all over my face. That was a damn good night last night, my asshole still feels fucking stretched. I bet I could still fit your fat cock!

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