I Love Being and Looking Like a Cum Dumpster

cum dumpsterI love looking like a cum dumpster. Cum on my face is a badge of honor. Last night, I was wearing my son’s cum all over my face proudly. He came over to drink and get high with his favorite whore who is also his mamma. I am always excited when he comes to visit me. He brought over a couple friends too. I think they were on edge with this election like lots of folks. Me? Neither guy knows my name. Neither guy will do much for me, so I do not really care who gets the job. Younger people seem more vested. Head from an old cock sucking whore is always a good way to release some stress. When have you ever felt stressed after head? You feel euphoric not pissed off. I sat on the couch naked. My legs firmly on the ground but spread wide to show off my fuck holes. I entertained three cocks in my mouth at once. Not hard for a big dick sucker like me. My son has a decent sized cock, but it is no big black cock. All three cocks in my mouth at once felt like one big anaconda down my throat. Balls on chin. Cum oozing from the corners of my mouth. If you saw my throat you would have thought I swallowed a boa constrictor. Seriously, having three above average cocks in my mouth at once was like having one huge black cock. These boys were stressed and horny, so I got skull fucked. I was gagging and slobbering on these dicks. I loved it. I love rough sex. Rough oral, rough anal, gang bangs… I am a dirty old whore who knows how to fuck. By the time the boys had drained their dicks a few times over, I was covered in cum. Pretty fun Saturday night in the trailer park.

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