I Love Being a Cum Dumpster

cum dumpsterI love being a cum dumpster. Cum does this old body good. I am a cum whore. I will drink cum from a cock, out of a pussy or ass, off the floor or in a drink. I have a confession to make. I have a freezer full of cum. I have some in baggies and some filling up the ice cube trays. Most days I get cock and cum directly from the source, but some days that is just not enough. I was cum hungry this morning. I had fucked all night long. I guzzled a ton of cum, but it was not enough for me. After all my lovers left, I went to my freezer for more cum. I put 4 cum cubes in my coffee. After I sipped my morning coffee with my special cream, I went back to the freezer and thawed out a bag of frozen cum. It was a big bag too. It is from Big D my black trucker fuck buddy. He fills up a baggie of cum like no one else. I am addicted to his jizz. I guzzled down one bag of his cum. I had warmed it in the microwave and that made it warm like I was drinking it straight from his 14-inch big black cock. I was playing with my pussy while being a cum guzzling slut. I could still feel the cum in my cunt from the night before.  I scooped that out and fed it to myself. I was like a starved wild animal. I could not get enough cum. I went back to my freezer and got another bag of Big D’s cum and nuked it too. I stood there in my kitchen guzzling almost all my frozen cum. You would have thought I was eating M and M’s the way I went through my freezer full of jizz. I guess I am going back out this week to replenish my stock.

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