I am Such a Cum Dumpster I Make Cum Cones

cum dumpsterDo you want to know what a cum dumpster I am? I make my own cum cream cones. I have one of those old-fashioned ice cream makers complete with a tub to churn the milk. I am known as a cum whore. I always have frozen cum in my freezer. I put cum in bags to freeze. I also make cum cubes that I add to my drinks like coffee and lemonade. It was all the stored cum that saved me during the pandemic. You cannot be a cum whore without the cum, right? That is when I started making cum cones. Those hot days alone in my trailer made me miss cock and cum so much. On one hot day, I made a cum cone. A cum dumpster must get creative sometimes. I would make ice cream using more cum than milk. I still have a bunch of cum in the freezer. I guess I am always worried that the bottom might fall out again, so I keep hoarding jizz.  Good thing I did too because it is hurricane season again.

cum dumpsterThe hurricane sort of bypassed Florida this time and went for Louisiana and the Carolinas. We got a lot of nasty rain, however. And when the rain lifted, it was hot as fuck. And nothing cools this old trailer part whore down quicker than a cool cum cone. I invited my daughter over and told her to bring some friends. We had a hurricane survival party. I brought the cum and made the cum cones. Beer and cum cones? Hell yes. Now that is a party. My daughter is a cum whore too. She brought some hot friends. I invited several guys with big black cocks who love white chicks draining their balls. Once my black lovers realized us white chicks were eating cum filled ice cream cones, they wanted to give us more cum.

A cum dumpster like me, never passes on a chance to have more cum. My daughter went around with a pitcher as I sucked, jacked and fucked to get more cum. I love cum. I cannot get enough of it. For me it is like green eggs and ham. I will eat it anywhere, yes I will. My cum cones were a hit with all the girlfriends my daughter brought to the party. But not as popular as all those big black cocks.

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