I am Full of BBC Sex Stories

bbc sex storiesI am full of BBC sex stories. One of my favorite stories involves my daughter. When she was just starting to fuck, I had concerns about her choice in men. As a parent you worry about your offspring. I only wanted the best men for my girl, but she was banging white teen boys not worthy of her tight pink snatch. These boys were posers. You know the boys who act black but have pathetic white dicks. Teen punks who treated her badly. I had to have a conversation about big black cocks with her. I arranged a friendly meet and greet for her with one of my hung fuck buddies. He was younger than me, but older than her and his cock was worthy of her sweet pussy. I do not only fuck black cock, but he only fucks white pussy. My introduction was not selfless. He had the best coke in town too. I exchanged my teen daughter’s cunt for coke. When my girl saw his cock, she was in shock and awe. He was standing beside me when she came home from school. His anaconda fell over my shoulder, and down to my boobs. My girl has part of me inside her and I am a black cock whore.  She wanted to see if she could be a big dick sucker like her mother. I had to assist her of course. I had her lay on the couch upside down so her throat would open better for his big black cock. She had to relax her throat muscle with her head tilted back. She gagged and I thought she was going to puke, but once he went past her gag reflex, she was okay. My daughter became a black cock whore that day. She sucked him and fucked him for hours. Her tiny holes were swollen, but mommy soothed them with her tongue. She found out why women say once you go black you do not go back.

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