Hot Stripper Sex in VIP Room

The VIP room is where magic happens. By Magic I am referring to Hot stripper sex of course! For Jim this was just the thing to cure his blue balls. My breasts and muscular body really brought him to his knees. In the back room that was literally. Worshipping my cunt and getting to plant that sperm in me was the best cure.

We started with him in the chair and me coming in in my trashy stripper dress, lingerie, and 8 inch high heels. I ran my hands over his shoulders and chest as I came in behind him. Had him blindfolded. I came around as I untied it and was in front of him. I leaned in and nuzzled my breasts in my bra and dress into his face. My hands on his thighs I did a little shimmy.

Slowly I dances and undressed. Wiggling my ass and tits as I slowly peeled off my lingerie and giving him a front and back view as I teased with my stripping. A strip-tease for sure and boy was he enjoying it. Opening his pants and pulling his cock out I kneeled in and gave it a tease.

I know he wasn’t going to last long and slide down my waxed oiled cunt right on that shaft. Bareback and exploding cum and sperm in my stripper cunt was the best of times.


Hot Stripper Sex

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