Hot Stripper Party

phone sex line melanieYou’ve been watching me dance for the past four months. You never bother tipping me, but you tip all the other girls. I’m getting a bit testy when I see you at the table when I come in for my shift. My dealer has been busted and I’m in such a pissy mood. Roll call comes on and I start dancing. I’m shaking my sweet ass for you trying to get your attention. Songs come on all night long. I have the stage alone for at least six songs throughout the whole night. My shift is coming to an end; I go back stage to get ready to go home. I usually leave in the same outfit I come out of. I get my bag and walk out the back door.
I feel you grab my arm as soon as I walk out. You tell me there is a hot party and you want to take me. I can’t believe I’m finally getting your attention. I’m itching really badly for a fix so I follow you to your truck. It’s dark out so I can’t see much. We drive for about 30 mins which is a long time for such a small town. We get to the destination which is an old motel on the outskirts of town. You already have a room key to room 104.
You led me in but there isn’t a party. No one is here. I start freaking out but you throw a bag on the bed. My mouth starts watering. It’s a nice bag full of that precious white powder. You see how excited I am. You tell me it’s all mine but I won’t be snorting it like normal. I’m very confused but all I want is the powder. You begin taking off your pants. I’m not surprised; I’m used to using my pussy to get drugs and whatever else I need. Your cock is really hard—bulging and throbbing. I get on my knees ready to suck until your cum is in the back of my throat. You tell me this will be different from every other guy. I thought you were just being a little full of yourself, until you grab the bag and put a line on your cock. You tell me to be a good little bitch and don’t waste any. You tell me once I finish it all, the party will really be getting started.

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