Hot Date with Him

I took Junior back to my bedroom, and I started stripping him of his black attire. His body was as lithe as I ever anticipated, and then some. I ran my hands over his entire body, reveling in the musculature, and the satiny smooth skin. Then, I started kissing his body, licking it, worshiping the texture and smell and sheer beauty of it. After a few minutes of that, and some seriously shortened breathing from him, he grabbed my head, pulled me up to him, and started kissing me hard and deep as he pulled my clothes from my body.Anal Sex Whore

He pushed me, rather roughly I might add, onto my bed before he leaned over me. He kissed my lips one time, hard. Before I knew what was happening, He had my left leg cocked high over his shoulder, my hips turned sideways, and was forcing himself into my un-lubricated man-pussy. He was so big, it actually hurt, and a guttural growl escaped my throat. “Fuck yeah, you like it like that, don’t you you pussy-assed bitch?” he asked me. I was still acclimating to the size of him and the pain of being nearly torn apart by him. I was grabbing my bed sheets, clutching onto them for dear life as I fought to endure the pain. When he finally pushed his way all the way home, he started fucking my ass hole with vigor. The pain slowly dimmed in comparison to having that monster dick rubbing against my prostate, and those full, enormous balls slapping against my own sack. I reached down to heighten that pleasure only to have my hands slapped away.Anal cum dumpster

“You don’t do anything or touch anything until I tell you to, do you understand me you little cock-whore? I don’t know or care how many men you have had your way with, tonight, and whenever you are with me, you meet my demands, follow my commands, and that is all you are allowed to do. Do I make myself clear?” On that last, he had pressed himself hard up into me, grinding against me both inside and out. I gasped out a, “Yes”. He slammed another thrust into my ass as he slapped my face. “What was that?”

“Yes, master!”

“That’s right, I’m your master. You’re my little bitch. You tempted and taunted me until I couldn’t stand myself, and you will pay for every swish of your hips, toss of your hair, strut of your walk, and wink of your eye. You have been far too free and easy with me, and I will not have it. I don’t care who else you fuck, what else you do, as long as when I say, you drop everything and meet my every whim.”

“Yes, master!”

“Good little cum slut.”

With that final statement, he thrust into my ass one last time, exploding into me so fiercely that I came too. My jizz dirtied my sheets, and some even splattered onto my cheek and breast.

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