The Buffet Gets a Little Crowded

I took baby girl to the Chinese buffet today. She and I love going there, and we do it at least once a month. Today, though, turned into a totally unique experience.Extreme Phone Sex

As we were fixing our plates, one of the cooks poked his head out to see what else they needed to prep. He took one look at me and baby girl, and called us back to talk to talk for a minute. Since we hadn’t started fixing our plates just yet, we obliged. He asked a few questions about where we lived and whether the rumors he’d heard were true. When I answered in the affirmative, he shouted back into the kitchen in Chinese, and before I knew it, we were surrounded by the rest of the kitchen crew.

They had locked the restaurant down and put a sign up that there was a staff meeting taking place. The people who were still inside with us wondered what was going on until they saw the first cook rip my shirt apart. They started tearing our clothes off, both me and baby girl. The next thing I knew, I was seated on the edge of the counter on the nearest buffet table with a cock in my pussy and one in each hand.

The staff of that restaurant gave baby girl and me what for for over an hour. When they finished, the buffet had to be wiped down, and they threw half the food away. The rest of the customers had either slowly joined in or made their way out of the restaurant over the course of our fuck-fest. The restaurant owner turned out to be the cook who initially stopped us. He has informed me that I am welcome to come eat for free with baby girl any time we want. Just the 2 of us, mind you, but that’s a damn fine offer.Cum dumpster

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