Thinking about Smores and Sex.

dirty phone sexDarn. I missed Smores day on the 10th. I bet you are smiling and wondering how phone sex and smores can mix. Just think about it. You turn up the heat and slowly roast that marshmallow until its insides turn to a gooey mess. Not too much or too little. Just that perfect simmer for the messy sweetness you crave. Maybe you like a little chocolate with that creaminess. I find it erotic to think about melted chocolate oozing down my marshmallow. A little cocoa is always good. I like mine about 10 inches long and Hershey’s brand. Mmmmm…tasty. Now put those 2 flavors on a graham cracker plate and serve them up hot. I touch my tongue to this awesome deliciousness and think about gobbling it all down. But I want to savor it. I swirl my tongue around that cracker, lapping up the chocolate sauce and pull the melty marshmallow into my mouth. When a marshmallow is just perfect, you can almost hear that skin crackle and feel the creaminess flow right into your mouth. It’s almost better than sex or potty play.

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