BBC Sex Stories from Freida

Baby girl brought home a friend last night when she came in from playing. He was big, he was built…he was as black as the night, so much so that his smile shone like diamonds from amidst his lips. The significant bulge in the crotch of his pants made its own promises. He made my belly flutter and my pussy throb.BBC sex stories

Baby girl and I exchanged one of our looks. This stranger hadn’t been around before. We sat him down at the dining table to enjoy dinner with us, since I had made enough for leftovers. Granted, there were now to be no leftovers, but this prize was almost guaranteed to be well worth it.

Throughout dinner, I noticed his muscles getting more and more taut, and his breathing becoming more and more ragged. Since his eyes kept glancing over at baby girl, I quickly realized that she was rubbing him up under the table. The furtive glances he started casting my way led me to understand that he was truly new to our area.

After a quick inquisition, I found out that he had just moved here from out of state for his job. He had recently acquired a promotion, and he was excited for the opportunity. He had a girlfriend back home that he hoped to move over with him when he got his feet under him, but it would likely be a while.

Upon hearing those luscious words departing his lips, I got up and started clearing the table. At my precious girl’s questioning glance, I gave a slight nod. She crawled onto the table in front of him, undid her blouse, spread her legs to either side of him, and gave him the perfect view of all her wares. His quick intake of breath and the sudden tensing of his muscles, I slid behind him and laid my hands on his shoulders. He was about to bolt, and I couldn’t have that. I laid my hands on his shoulders while baby girl leaned in to give him a kiss on the cheek. His breathing got more and more labored, and his muscles told me he was struggling to keep it in check.2 girl phone sex

I started massaging his shoulders and neck as I started kissing his throat and ears and jaw line. His muscles started to relax, just as baby girl slid down so that she was wrapped around his waist, her hot little pussy situated over his cock through his pants, and her little titties pressed against his chest. I slid my hands down his chest and to his fly to undo it while I continued to kiss along his jaw and throat and ears. His humongous, 13 inch cock sprung free, and baby girl squealed in delight. She started playing with it, rubbing it up and down her slit as she jacked it up and down. His breathing intensified, and his muscles tightened back up, but I knew that this time, he wasn’t going anywhere.

We had our way with that huge cock for HOURS, and he has promised to let us feed and spoil him regularly. He said we had made that one day just a little easier to be away from his girlfriend, and he appreciated it.

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