Hookers for Hire Stay Busy Even a Mature One Like Me

hookers for hireHookers for hire love Halloween. Our family fans have been booking my young babes up quickly for role play dates in sexy costumes. Sadly, I benched myself from the fun for a few weeks while I recovered from surgery. But I am back and better now. A week of family fun to test the waters, and now I am ready for my clients again.

Although I do not stay as busy as my Lolita hooker daughters, that’s because I turn down a lot of clients too. I have my phone sex job. Plus, I do have wife and mother duties too. But a trashy milf like me with no limits could book herself 24/7 with clients if she did not need sleep and food, LOL. But alas I do need some time away from my Johns. Just not this past weekend, LOL.

Whores are Never Bored

I booked myself solid. However, I survived it even if I overbooked myself. I never go long without fucking, so I was itching to get my whore life back. And back with a bang I got it too. Friday night, I booked my first frat house gang bang of the season. Although I was not available when the frat boys came back to school, we made up for lost time. Over 40 college boys ran a train on me. Each year they lose some guys to graduation, but they always add some new boys with hard teen cocks during rush.

I never mind being a gangbang whore for frat boys. The frat I am on contract with seems like the frat of choice for the trust fund boys. One of the pledges this year is the youngest son of an elite Hollywood director. He may have more money than all his frat brothers combined. Cum too. Most of the boys drain their balls with one round with me. This boy came back for sloppy thirds because his balls were backed up.

My frat house gangbang only occupied day one of my back to hooking weekend. I know I overbooked myself, but it felt great to get out of the house and back to being a good mature whore.

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