Hookers for Hire – Party Hard

Hookers for HireOne of my regulars, Travis, is a traveling businessman.  Travis called me up this week looking to party.  He brought a lot of great blow from Florida.  A couple of my girls from the strip joint and I hooked up with him and a couple of other guys he was traveling with.  We went to their very lavish hotel and got shit-faced.  I’ve partied with this guy many times, but tonight was different.  They fucking roofied me and my friends.  I’m not really sure what happened except that every guy there fucked me.  I had fragmented memories of being fucked over and over, I just couldn’t move.  I woke up around 3:00am, naked, with cum dripping out of my cunt.  My friends were still out.  All the guys were passed out.  I picked up a crystal lamp and crushed it over our host’s head.  Fuck him!  Why roofie a bunch of pros?  We were paid to give up the pussy.  Payback’s a bitch, baby.  Blood dripped down his head, he didn’t even wake up.  I woke up my girls one after the other to get the hell out of there.  One guy, I think Mike, a big Mexican dude, woke up and tried to stop us.  I took out the knife from my purse that I always carry, and jammed it in his throat.  He looked shocked, blood squirting from the now gaping hole in his throat.  He grasped his throat, but the wound wouldn’t stop spurting blood.  He collapsed in a heap on the floor.  We got the fuck out of there.  If I ever see Travis again, I’ll cut his cock and balls off.

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