Hookers For Hire Indulge a Guy’s Peanut Butter Fetish

hookers for hireHookers for hire do anything for money, including indulging a client’s peanut butter fetish. Did you know November is National Peanut Butter Lovers’ Month? Neither did I. I have dealt with a lot of fetishes in my line of work. Both as a hooker and phone whore, but I have never come across a peanut butter lover. That all changed on Thanksgiving. After our family meal, we had to go meet a guy who is a friend of my husband. He hired us for a kinky and sticky session. Now, normally, I do not make my slutkins work on holidays or birthdays, but this was a favor to daddy. Plus, the guy was paying triple our normal rate because it was a holiday. My husband told me he likes peanut butter. I thought it was a weird thing to just blurt out, but never in a million years would I have guessed that the man had a fetish for peanut butter. I did not know anyone had a fetish for peanut butter. Nor, did I know the entire month of November is dedicated to peanut butter lovers. My family of hookers for hire, however, will do anything for money. That includes acting like we love nothing more than fucking while covered in sticky, peanut butter.

hookers for hireWhen we arrived, our client had his cock covered in peanut butter. I almost asked him if he was a furry friend lover. I was trying to understand where this obscure fetish originated. My eldest daughter just told me to forget about it and act like I love peanut butter more than life. She was right. Hookers should just shut their mouths and focus on the money. My daughters sucked his peanut butter coated dick clean. They were sticky, but I do not think they minded at all. I mean who does not like peanut butter? We like to eat peanut butter, but we have never fucked lathered in it before. That was interesting, but it is what we did. He lathered us each head to toe in peanut butter, then he took his time licking it off our bodies. Good thing we all have bald cunts, because peanut butter would be hard to get out of a hairy pussy even with soap and water, LOL. Our client really was a peanut butter lover. My hookers for hire were a brown sticky mess when we were done. Thankfully, he let us shower before heading home. My guess is no one would think the brown sticky stuff matted in our hair was peanut butter. I guess nothing is surprising coming from a trailer park whore and her slutkins. What is your fetish?

hookers for hire

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