Hookers for Hire Have Fun and Busy Lives

hookers for hireLife is never boring for hookers for hire. Sometimes, I wish life was boring for me. Other times, I thrive on chaos. This weekend, all my sluts, me included, booked ourselves solid with clients. Back to school season means men crave cute schoolgirls. Although my daughters are teens now, two of them are still schoolgirl age. My college coed looks so young that she passes as a schoolgirl too. She shaves a couple years off her life off, and guys eat it up.

A client on Saturday night booked me and all my daughters. At that point, we already found ourselves booked solid. However, he sweetened the deal by quadrupling our price. For a moment, I thought about canceling the other clients, but that is bad business. Too much competition out there nowadays. Plus, I like challenges, and I love money. We squeezed Daddy Warbucks into the schedule. This rich daddy owns a bunch of chain restaurants all over the world. He earns more money in a day than I do in a year. He has more money than he knows what to do with.

Hot Teen Sluts

Sexy prostitutes like me and my daughters never mind liberating some money from a man’s wallet. However, we worked hard for that money. The first part of the evening involved me and my daughters giving him a strip show. We gyrated and twerked for him, while he masturbated. He enjoys a long edge. After a strip show, we gave him a girl-on-girl show. I never mind eating my daughters’ pussies. And they never mind eating my pussy or ass either.

Finally, he got to a point where he could not contain himself anymore. My little dick spinners took daddy’s cock for a ride. Their wet pussies made sloppy wet sounds. Their girl juice flew off his dick as they pumped up and down on his cock. His stamina impressed me. My girls have tight cunts despite all the action they get. I taught them how to do Kegel exercises early on. It’s paid off too.

We spent a few hours with Daddy Warbucks draining his cock and his wallet. We took whore baths between gigs, but we got everyone in this weekend. My offspring went back to school today, but that is their lives. Schoolgirls by day. Whores by night. My phone sex line is unrestricted. So, I can tell you all the dirty details of my brood of young whores when you call me.

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