Hookers for Hire for Anyone Willing to Pay for Great Sex

hookers for hireI have hookers for hire of all ages, including my daughter. I have built my brothel into a highly profitable business for my family. I have an eye for talent. This one girl I recruited when she was still in high school has become one of my best whores. She is legal age now, so she has a new audience. Believe it or not, some men want legal girls who can just pretend to be younger. Now, I have a few choices for those kinds of men. Betty is a hot brunette who is studying math at UCLA. She is super smart but did not come from money like me. She has been hustling to save money for college and support herself since she was a young teen girl. Her mom is a drug addict and her dad left them when she was in diapers. I love Betty like a daughter. She is a young teen phone sex slut in the making. I told her if she ever gets tired of hooking for me, I could get her a job being a phone whore.

 Last night, a woman hired us. We thought we were a gift for her husband. Turns out, we were a gift for her. She wanted to watch a mother and daughter have sex. She knew we were not related and that she could have a real mother and daughter, but this woman was just exploring her bisexual fantasies and she wanted everything legal. I mean prostitution is not legal, but I could respect her wishes. She could not just watch me, and Betty have sex, however. She started masturbating and we brought her in on the action. She was older than me but put together well. Money helps us age better.  I ate her pussy, as Betty ate mine. We even broke out the sex toys. Our client had a sloppy wet pussy by the time we were done with her. She booked us again too. We awakened her inner lesbian. All women have an inner lesbian inside them.

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