hookers for hire

hookers for hire

I’m going to get paid to have sex. I’ve been really desperate for extra money. I’m behind on bills and my car is messing up. My mom was telling me in a drunken stupor that I’m sitting on a gold mine. She’s right I am. I went online found a sugar baby service. I found the perfect man. Old and rich. He is going to pay me a grand to tie me and fuck me. I get to the hotel. I slide the card into the door. It opens. I feel so excited! I’m all grins when I walk in. He ties my arms to my sides. Wrapping the rope around my tits. He pulls a little too hard. I feel like a ham with bacon string on it about to be cooked in an oven. He uses bed restraints to spread my legs. I can’t move. This is so thrilling. My heart is racing. He doesn’t waste any time. He eats my cunt. It feels so good. I try to move again remembering I can’t. He eats my pussy until I am soaking wet. He doesn’t allow me to cum. He then gets on top of me and slides that old man cock inside of me. He is rock hard. He starts to fuck me fast. I’m moaning. The rope is cutting into me. He sucks on my nipples and bites them hard. A little too hard for pleasure. He keeps fucking me as fast as he can. I hope his heart don’t give out haha. He must have taken some pills because he fucks me for hours. I wish he would finish. I have orgasmed so many times I lost count. He fucks me so long I don’t think it will ever end. Now I know why he offered me a grand when I asked for 250 dollars. He finally orgasms. His cum leaks out into my stomach. He lays there next to me while I’m still restrained. After a long while, he starts to untie me. He gets his wallet out his pants pocket and pays me 1500 dollars instead of the grand. Sweet!! I get dressed and thank him. He says “no thank you ma’am” and I exit the hotel room leaving the key for him. I have to say I feel amazing. I got my brains fucked out and I made so much money. I might have just found my calling

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