Hookers For Hire

hookers for hire

I know a lot of men love having hookers for hire on standby for all of their sexual needs. I’m going to be really honest with you – I have often thought about how exciting that would be. I love to fuck, so getting paid to fuck would really be extra awesome. I get so turned on by thinking about the fact that I would have clients who would get addicted to me and call me because they need me at all hours of the day and night.
I wonder what kinds of depraved sexual acts they might want me to perform. Will it be just one man or will someone rent me out for a bachelor party or something like that? It would be amazing to be paid AND get gang banged at the same time. Do you have a hooker fantasy that you’d like to share with me? Maybe we can come up with a fantasy or role play together. I’d love it if we do that and then masturbate together while we talk about all of the very dirty details! I’ll be waiting for your call! Make sure you’re feeling extra dirty because I have no limits at all!

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