Hoe Hostage

Be careful who you meet on the net. I had a ton of free time and decided to get on some websites during my work breaks. I met a guy who seemed he was going to be a perfect fit for my party days. I am always looking for a fun fuck friend. I put my trust in this one guy and gave him my address we decided that we would hang out on a Thursday night and get high and fuck till we both pass out. It was time for the big day I was anticipating it so much. I got the perfect lingerie and could hardly wait.

When I got home I retouched everything and made my self look like one hot slut. The door bell rang and I noticed it was some fat fuck and I was uber pist he had my hopes up I thought it was hot Henry that was going to greet me. Boy, was I wrong. The fat fuck pushed himself in before I knew it. I was in complete shock that it happened within a second. He told me “Don’t you remember me slut”? The voice hit me, It was Henry everything came crashing down on me. This fucker had lied to me and deceived me and he was beyond pist off that I showed my true colors. I told him there was no way I was going to let his obese ass anywhere near me. Henry was going to hold me hostage and not let me go anywhere. I

I was stuck being his cum dumpster for the night. I couldn’t believe how violated and excited I was at the same time. It was a thrill getting used. I felt like a complete trashy slut. Once the coke set in I was wanting more of Henry’s lard ass. I got the best fuck ever and I hate to admit it but it was some hot fucking sex too.cum dummpster

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