Forgive Me Father

gangbang whore

In my small town just about every corner has a church. My church, yes druggie whores can go to church too, has a super-hot young pastor. I always make sure to open my mouth extra wide for that stale cracker that they feed you. Well, I think maybe this Sunday wearing my short sundress may have worked. During church I was passed a not that said “I know you have been a bad, bad girl, so if you want to go to heaven you should fuck me tonight. Here at the church 10pm.” I was wet from just reading the note. I went out and bought all new black leather lingerie. I loved the idea of being the pastors whore. I couldn’t get the image out of my head of me bend over the pews screaming forgive me father while getting railed. I arrived at 10pm on the dot, and the church doors were unlocked. When I walked in it looked like a church meeting every pastor in the entire town was there. My pastor invited me up on the stage, and instructed me to remove my clothes. Reluctantly, I did what I was told to do exposing my new lingerie. The pastors all gasped, but looked intrigued. My pastor told me to answer him honestly, and I swore on the bible. He asked if I fantasized about having sex with him. Yes. He asked if I ever sucked cock. Yes. He asked if I ever had a cock in my ass. Yes. He asked if I was a virgin. No. Finally, he asked if I was ever part of a gang bang. Yes. And just like that I was being surrounded by the pastors. Hard cocks filling all my holes, and the ones that were too late for a hole jacking off over my body. I was covered in cum and my new lingerie was ruined. Though I have to admit it was worth it to scream forgive me fathers for I have sinned.

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