Hidden camera

cum filled cunt

On my breaks, I have an appetite for cock and cum. I like to take one of the customers bring them to the back room and get real acquainted very quick. I found a cute guy with a nice cock and I had him fuck my mouth and thought I was going to end my day, but I was wrong. My manager had been watching me for a while, and he asked me to come to his office. He had built a secure place to put a hidden camera. I got flustered and red when he realized I was such a fucking whore. He causes to the chase and told me if I wanted to keep my part-time job where I would have to let him fill me up till he gave me a cum filled cunt. That was a way to easy. I had no problem taking the bosses cock. It wasn’t as meaty and juicy as I hoped but at least I get to keep servicing the customers that peek my interest. Its a total win for me.

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