phone sex line ellaI was out walking around the park today, just catching some fresh air. Junior drove by and flashed me the finger, which is fine. His angst has been building, so I know he’ll come find me soon.

There is a hot new number who just moved in. He’s a mechanic down the road at the shop. Oh, he could lay me down any time. My ass would take in every inch of that man, and the feel of his sack thrusting against mine would drive me plumb crazy.

I happened to be walking night before last, the first night he was officially moved in. He had no window trimmings yet, and he was in the shower with a clear shower liner, you know how men do when they are single.

I had to stop and hide out of the line of the light flowing out of his window and just gawp at him. His schlong was at least 6 inches soft. Mmm, baby, let me tell you what I could do with that!!

I went home that night, stuffed the biggest anal beads I had into my plump juicy bum, and I jacked myself straight to oblivion. The only thing that could have made it better is him in my bum and another hottie for my own cock.

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