Double the fun BBC

BBC phone sexThere is never a shortage of cock around here at the truck stop. So when I have an urge I can get it! I have a certain gentleman trucker who comes through monthly. He is a sexy hunk of meat, tall, dark, and handsome! I count the days until he stops in. Well lucky me! He was training another driver this month. My eyes must have lit up because he chuckled at me when he walked in and whispered to me.” We gonna blow his mind baby doll.” I took him by the hand and led him into my office. His fellow co-worker followed behind. The second the door closed behind us I started stripping down. He laid down on my loveseat and instantly I started riding his BBC. I turned my head to notice his buddy just sitting there watching. I gave him the come hither finger and he backed me up with his fuck rod that just so happened to be bigger than his friend. I was in cock heaven as I reached around and crammed his dick right in my pussy along with the first one. Double penetrated with two BBC. Fuck yeah this definitely met the expectations I had for my monthly visit from my BBC fix! My cunt was double filled and fully satisfied!

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