Hardcore Hadley Loves Anal

hardcore anal sex

Pissing wasn’t enough For my client. He got behind me and spread my ass cheeks. His fingers ran up and down my ass crack. Those big hangs would stop and poke at my ass hole opening. It seemed he couldn’t get my cheeks far enough apart. He told me my pink puckered whore ass hole was the most beautiful thing he had ever seen. He took his hand and spit in it then lubed up my ass and laid his throbbing boner across my ass hole. It just sat there forever. I could feel his heartbeat in his cock. This man worshipped anal sex. It was not enough that I sucked his dick like a golf ball through a garden hose or gave him my pretty pussy. He savored every minute of having my ass hole to his use. I was coked up SO I didn’t mind as I loved every sensation going across my body. It was when he pissed up my back and violently stuck his cock in my ass seconds later that I realized he was waiting for the perfect moment to give me hardcore ass sex! 

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