Black Out Drunk

Drunk phone sexHangovers are the worst!  I feel like my face is being split in half.  When I first woke up this morning I actually thought I had died and this was my hell that I would have to live in for eternity.  I walked into my kitchen to make some coffee and there where empty whiskey bottles all over the place.  I remember having four people over but from the looks of my house it looked like that number had increased.  I grabbed my cell phone and went through the pics.

Yup, that original four turned into about twenty.  I am surprised my neighbor didn’t call the cops on me, she really likes doing that.  I found a bunch of pictures of people I didn’t even know in varying stages of undress.  There were even a few of me, clearly drunk off my ass, sucking some cock.  Nice.  I have no clue whose cock that was but you are so welcome.  There was one of some random chick being fucked from behind while a red solo cup was resting on her ass.  I guess there was no thrusting going on when the pic was taken, but that cock is clearly buried deep inside her.

There are a lot of pictures on my phone of a sexual nature.  Me riding a cock facing forward while the guy next to us is apparently playing some sort of game on my PS4, you can see the controller in his hand.  It will take me awhile to remember exactly what went on, I have the pictures, but I do not have the memory.  Maybe when this headache leaves me I will be able to remember just how many cocks I had.  Hopefully the number is huge!

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