Happy endings always

anal cum dumpster

I can’t help it if trouble seems to find me. What can I say? This whore is full of adventures. *Giggles* I have had my fair share of naughty experiences. One of my favorites thus far has to be my part-time gig as a masseuse. My friend carrie brought me in and helped me get the job. I was her understudy for a while and watched her do some naughty things. I was down almost instantly!!! I really do  like giving hard-working men a nice rub down and making some dough too. I need to keep my coke stash equipped at all times. I want to whore it up and make the guys erect. When I get a guy, who is horny and ready for some extra services I always make more. That hot oil on your body and my luscious tits just over you. I get these guys prepared to bone instantly. Usually I will give them a fast blowy, and that will always give me an extra Benjamin in tips but when I give them one of my tight holes I can totally make a couple G’s I became a personal anal sex whore for one of my clients for a staggering amount, and it just gets bigger each session. He brings me an eight ball of coke and plenty of dead presidents. My favorite sessions are two girl sessions. Carrie and I usually get together and work your body out just right.

Cum dumpster

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