Halloween BBC sex stories

BBC sex stories

BBC sex stories with this stripper whore are so erotic and nasty on Halloween! I had picked a slutty Cop outfit to strip in for the evening. Total trashy woman in uniform, really brings the cash and chalk! I have a couple Officers on our payroll, and they loved seeing me shake my ass and be a bad bitch as I twerked on their cock, telling them I wanted to handcuff them and suck their cock. I would have gladly done it for free, just to show good favor when I was hustling on the streets. 

But a fight broke out with My bouncers and I had to jump in on the action. It was a regular old big John who had been stiffed by one of the other backroom whores. My big black man had every right to be pissed. I playfully handcuffed him and took charge of the situation as I leaned down and whispered “Play along, I will make it worth your while,” The audience loved it as I sat on his back and told my big Mandingo he was under arrest for being to fucking sexy! Big Black John was happy to be escorted to the back among cheers and dollars from the crowd! I really thought that this was a scene for Halloween and I gave Big black cocked John my slutty ass and sucked him like he was a chocolate Ice Cream! My Cops got some pussy too, but that’s more stripper sex stories for another time, baby!

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