Great Night to Fuck

cum filled cuntI decided that on our date last night that I was going to take you home and give you a really good time. You walked into the house and I took you to my room, I pushed you down on my bed and started to strip down to my black lacey thong and bra set. I started crawling up to you giving you a big fucking kiss on your lips before I go down and start unbuttoning your pants, releasing that big fucking cock. I suck on your balls for a minute before licking from your balls all the way up to the tip of your cock giving it a big fucking kiss. I went all the way down on your cock sucking and licking as much as I can fit into my mouth and using my hand for the rest. I feel your hand make its way up to my hair and let you fuck my face until I can’t breath and there is spit all the way down your fucking cock. You got up and pushed my fucking face all the way into the fucking bed while I feel your cock thrust hard as fuck into my tight little cunt. I let you fuck me as hard and fast as you fucking can before letting you cum deep inside of my pretty fucking pussy.

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