Fucked up and dripping with cum

Live phone sexI’m so twacked out of my fucking mind, that’s what happens after you’ve been on a wild drug binge all damn night long. I’ve had so many dealers in and out of my house and so many cocks in and out of my cunt, i’m in a straight up daze right now! I love the feeling of all this warm gooey nut sliding out of my pussy, it makes me feel like an exploding slutty volcano. Haha, I think I may have actually pulled some muscles from all of my fucking last night and being twisted into all sorts of positions. I am so sore, especially my cunt, I can barely even sit down! With every step I take, there’s cock cream gushing out of my fuck holes. I have quite the reputation amongst all the horny druggies, they know who to call up when they need a super skank to bounce on their throbbing dick! It makes me feel so special to be known as such a filthy cocksucking cum filled hoe while we have live phone sex!

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