Fuck Me, Santa

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I went to an early Christmas party, dressed as a sexy elf. I was partying and ready to fuck, and I like to do it in front of people. Yes, I like to have eyes on me while I am fucking and getting off. At the party, there were several men dressed as Santa. I fucked them all. The first one pulled me onto his lap and began to finger my pussy while we were in a room full of people. Another sexy elf joined us and began to lick my wet pussy while I took his dick in my mouth. He was so fucking hard! With my costume still on, I sat on his lap with my back to him and rode his cock while she licked my pussy till I came so fucking hard! All the while, a room full of people looked on, inspiring them to fuck. Pretty soon, there were people fucking and sucking all around us and it was an all out orgy! That’s my kind of party!

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