Anal cum dumpster being put in her Place

 Anal cum dumpster

I’ve been getting cocky lately and I didn’t think about how I’d be punished for it when you got tired of the attitude. I was surprised when we were preparing for a night in. We’d already gotten high together and were in a good head space. You wanted a blow job and I just wrinkled my nose at you and told you I was too tired. This wouldn’t fly because you owned my ass and you’ve let me know you own it multiple times. So when you fisted your hand in my hair, forced me down to my knees on the stairs. Holding me down like a bitch in heat, you rip my clothes off and I feel that hard cock I’ve been neglecting. Your cock was pressing against my asshole, forcing that hard cock into my unlubed ass making me whimper and cry out as pain as my I felt my ass forced open. “You fucking bitch.” You panted into my ear. “When I say suck my cock. Suck my cock.” You growled, pulling yourself out of me and using my hair to turn me around you jabbed your stinky ass fresh cock against my lips. My eyes were streaming from my eyes and I parted my lips as you shoved your cock into my mouth. Sucking my own shit off of your cock as you fucked my throat. Teaching me a valuable lesson in what my place is.

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