Fuck me anywhere

 dirty phone sex sybil

Mmm, we all know I’m the biggest whore around. The girl you can get to do ANYTHING! It was nothing new for me, just another typical day to get a group of guys together for a hot and steamy gangbang. The kind that will get me covered in cum. It’s fall now, so we like to fuck outside. Right on the dirt and leaves…I don’t give a fuck. You can fuck me anywhere. They told me we were going to a party, and I foolishly believed them…until we stopped in the middle of the woods and suddenly I was being tossed around. I tried to act like I didn’t want it, but you know my cunt was dripping wet with excitement that these guys were all about to use and abuse me. They knew it to, calling me out on being such a dirty little slut. They shoved me to the ground and began to rip my clothes off as I flailed about pretending to want to get away. But there were too many of them, I was helpless, and my cunt was soaking wet. I tried to keep my mouth closed as one cock was trying to shove it in my mouth … but he pinched my nose so I couldn’t breathe. I had to open my mouth and as soon as I did his cock was sliding down my throat! I choked on it as I felt my ass cheeks being spread apart. I felt the head of his cock teasing my tight asshole and I knew he would have no mercy… he shoved his cock right into my ass just as the guy I was blowing shoved his cock deep into my throat. But that wasn’t enough for them. They had to fuck my cunt too, twist my hard nipples and slap me around while they were at it.  I was there to be used, fucked right out in the middle of the woods… not a blanket or a bed. Just a bed of leaves and my face in the dirt where it belongs.

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