Fuck Me Already

I’ve been sitting out on the lawn all day, in my chair soaking up some rays. I am so sick of all the guy going by just hooting and hollering but never having the balls to come over and take a piece of my hot ass. Apparently my barley-there bikini is not enough – I am gonna have to bump it up for these fuckers so that they take a chance trying to fuck me – a chance I will easily give them. I don’t care how old or disgusting they are, as long as they have a cock and a tongue to satisfy this slutty little clit of mine.

I take off my bikini top and stick my tits out. It wasn’t long before one of the cars going by slowed down for a better peek. And what a lucky girl I am – it wasn’t just one guy, it was two… I pulled my bikini bottom to the side and spread my legs to make sure they got the message. They pulled right into the yard, bouncing up over the curb. I knew their cocks would be hard before they could get their doors open. I also knew my daddy was watching from inside the house, and thats always an extra turn on.

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The two guys got out of the car and walked over, cocks raging in their jeans. They were dirty and sweaty, just the way I like my men. Before I could get up out of my chair, one grabbed me by the hair and shoved his cock right in my mouth. I sucked away like a good little tramp, and the other guy took his place behind me and grabbed my bare ass with his grimy hands. He yanked my ass up as I choked on the cock in my mouth, and plunged his cock deep inside. I couldn’t help but wish I had removed my top earlier in the day – I mean what does it really take for men to get the message that this pussy is here for them to take?

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