foot fetish massage for achy feet

I just worked another double shift and my feet are killing e. I need a massage so bad. I bet if I could find some random dud with a foot fetish I could get a nice foot fuck. And if he is up for several rounds his jizz would even moisturize my feet. I could lay on the bed naked and hold my feet together as he fucks the arches of my feet that create a hole when held together. I could play with myself and rub my clit while I am being fucked and massaged with jizz on my pretty little feet. The massage motion of the in and out of the velvetty shaft along the bottom and arch of my foot would be better than going to get a pedicure and the cum from his cock would be so soft, smooth and moisturizing on the bottom and top of my feet. Oh, I can feel it now. Where are Cheap phone sexyou my foot fetish romeo?

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