Shitty fun fuck

I need someone to make me feel dirty and when I say dirty I mean someone who can keep up with my need to be shitty. I love to be fucked and play with shit. I want some one who will shit on my chest, slap me around and tell me what a nasty and naughty fucking whore I really am. I know what a woman is good for and I just need to be able to e fucked in a raunchy way that will actually make me fucking cum.

Scat phone sex


All I need is a nice fat cock to ram his fuck stick into my ass hole and make my shit cover his cock. If he can even make me bleed a little bit. hen just ram that cock right into my pie hole and face fuck me. I love eating my own shit and it is even better when I can lick it of a nice fat cock lollipop with shit flavoring.



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