Hot Stripper Sex Like No Other!!

Baby girl had a sleepover a little while back, and I had so much fun with it. She had 3 friends from school, and when it was time to take a bath, they all wanted to take one together. So, being the awesome mommy that I am, I brought them in my master bath and filled up the garden tub for them. As they got undressed, I couldn’t help myself. Hot stripper sexI watched them each strip down to nothing. All those nubile young bodies so close together in my bathroom. They all climbed into the tub, and asked me to bathe them. Well, you know I wasn’t about to turn that down. I started with their legs, working my way up them to the very tight little cunts. I barely avoided that area, skimming around to their hips and up their little bodies to their perfect little nipples. I soaped those up, running the cloth lightly over them to make sure they stood out really nicely. When I finally got back down to their little pussies, I put a little more soap on the cloth. I wanted a nice, sudsy lather. I washed up and down their little gashes, paying particular attention to their little clits, until they each came. We moved their naked, clean bodies from the bathroom to the bedroom, and continued our night of fun.

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