He is so obsessed with my ass!

anal sex whoreHe is so obsessed with my ass I swear! Every day he wants pics of it, he wants to touch it, lick it and fuck it! But don’t get me wrong, I’m not complaining one little bit! I love all the attention I get from him… and I love being his nasty little anal sex whore too! Seeing how turned on he gets just from looking at my ass is hot but feeling how hard that cock is when he starts licking it is even better. His cock is just so big and fat and that massive love tool gets so so hard for me, who wouldn’t be turned on by that? Man, it feels so fucking good when he slides it in my tight little puckered love hole too, I’ve never been so filled up before! I cum over and over again every time… and even tho he makes me so sore that I can hardly sit down after, I still never want to give up that dick!

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