Food Play with Lauren

Live Phone SexI have been craving a banana split for so long! My best girlfriend told me all about her and her pussy eating one right up and I knew I needed the same experience! I crafted up the best idea for me and my daddy to play. I got the ice creak, freezing cold! Some fudge, extra hot of course and we can not forget the banana. I called daddy over and his cock was already rock-hard! I gave him a kiss and gripped his dick firmly in my hand and told him I had a surprise for him! I brought him to my kitchen island and hopped onto the counter. I shed my clothes to expose my ass and pussy and my tits of course! I handed him the ice cream baller and told him what to do! I spread my legs and laid back to push my hips up in the air and put my megs behind my head. He scooped some vanilla ice cream and used his fingers to push some of it the rest of the way in. The cold made me squeal as it dripped towards my clit. He took a spoon full of the piping hot fudge making me scream as he dumped it on top of the vanilla cream. Finally, he opened the banana and pushed it into the center of the icy hot mess! He fucked me with the banana and jerked off his cock! Let me tell you how it felt to cum onto that banana!


    • Ryder on June 1, 2022 at 10:57 am
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    Sounds messy, just gobble my cock.

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