Festive BBC sex Stories

BBC Sex Stories

I love festive BBC sex stories, dont you? A whore who gets to be laid by the biggest black cock she has ever had. A true black cock celebration by a whore who needs gaped and used to the fullest extent! I wasn’t even planning on going whoring. My son wanted me to relax and spend some time with him and his sister since it was Christmas eve.. I was out of blow and had to run to do a quick errand, I promised I would be right back. But as I got to my dealer’s hook up spot he was a no show. I called in a few favors and arranged to meet a new guy for my baggie of good feeling powder. If my brats wanted mommy pussy, I needed to feel good and blow makes me extra honey, i

 was doing this for them. Well if you know me and know how much I love the BBC, then you know I couldn’t resist this mother fucker with a huge dick in his grey sweatpants, just hanging out like Nick Cannon and shit. I had to see for myself! I left my brats alone as I worshiped that anaconda and got dicked down by the biggest black dick ever. When I got home my brats were pissed. But I explained my situation and they didn’t mind mommy being a trashy milf for that big of black cock!

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