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The best kind of fun for open minded sexual men who enjoy Hookers for hire is to play with a sexy t-girl. My clients love how sexy I am and the fact that I have a nice cock is even more exciting for them.
Working the ski-resorts for a week was a great time. I was just hanging out in the hotel lounges and getting my pick of all these horny rich men.
of course one guy had no idea what he was getting into. He was a little inexperienced with women, much less with women like me. He was just a high earning computer geek that was forced to the resort for a business deal. Of course he was not even interested in skiing and I thought he needed to relieve a little pressure.

Giving this young millionaire the experience he won’t soon forget was truly a good time. He had no idea but boy was he excited. I’d love to roleplay something like this with you.

Hookers for hire

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