Family of Sexy Prostitutes

sexy prostitutesI have a family of sexy prostitutes. Something for everyone. I talk about my daughters a lot because they are in high demand. Every man fantasizes about Lolita sex, some even have extreme P desires. But it is not always men who hire one of us. Sometimes, my husband has some female clients who want to have some naughty fun. Tanya is the wife of one of my husband’s clients. She is gorgeous. A trophy wife like me, but she only has daughters. Her husband told her how I fuck my boys, often in front of clients who want to watch a mother and a son get it on. She always wanted a son but had three daughters instead. She hired my middle son to play her son. He is a great fuck too. He has a large cock for his age and he loves to eat mommy’s pussy, even her ass. I prepared him in advance. He knew to call her mommy and talk to her like he does to me. Tanya was going to get the dirty mommy experience. She spent hours with my son draining his hairless balls. I was so proud of him. I got to watch because of the nanny cams throughout the house. She fucked him in his twin bed. My own son roleplayed fucking another mommy while the rest of his family watched. I had a sloppy wet pussy by the time they were done. We recorded a video for her, so she could watch it anytime and relive the hot encounter. Her husband no longer has any swimmers thanks to radiation a few years ago and she desperately wants to have a son. I told her to come back when she is ovulating so her “baby boy” can impregnate her. I won’t even charge for that because it would mean I get to become a sexy granny and watch him be groomed for as mommy’s sex slave.

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