Eye candy and nose candy

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I got into escorting because I need to supply my coke habit. In this field. What better way to get some nose candy? Being eye candy would supply me endless amounts of coke and some other stuff too.I met two of the nastiest whores I could find. Deanna and Carrie both showed me the ropes of fucking for large sums of coke. I was so deep into my coke habit I didn’t care about cash as much. I knew every penny I got would go towards some angel dust. It was nice to see two nasty filthy whores like me who don’t mind cum dumps for some angel dust.

I was prepared to do anything to get my high. We had an even to go together. All three of us were going to to have to be the entertainment for a private party. When we got to the place, it seemed off, but our love for pills and coke kept us going. I thought I was going to be a cum dumpster. I was wrong. The client that booked all three of us was going to give us all the coke we wanted, but we’re going to have to work for it.

We were going to have to get gang banged by all of them and finish the job by being fucked by their four-legged friends while they recorded every second of it. I almost backed out, but I knew what I wanted was that high, so all three of us got used and fucked and pretty much tortured. 🙂


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