Ellen fucks a bike for her next high!

Dirty phone sex

Don’t you know a dirty whore like me will do anything for money. I need to feel that rush, that high, that drug. One night this guy drove up and handed me a hundred dollar bill. He said I can have more IF and only IF I do anything he wanted me to do. I looked at the crisp hundred dollar bill. It felt so clean and new in my dirty cum covered hands. I told him to wait as I got my dope. I shoved the dope down my panties, if he was a freak I was going to be fucked up. We got in the car and drove off to his home. I have had many clients but no one like this fucking guy. He told me to get naked and he would get ready.

Nasty phonesex

He walks back into the room with his fucking bike! YES his fucking Bicycle! At that moment I thought to myself I should get even higher. As I crush up another rock to snort he is kissing his bike, telling how the two of us were going to ride the bikes big thick cock. I watched him sucking a big pink dildo and attached it to the seat. He told me to get on and ride the bikes cock. “My bicycle likes to be rode by other people, he thinks my cock is too tiny and my asshole is too lose!” I laughed as I started making fun of his tiny little cock. This freaky cuckold wanted me to make fun of his tiny cock. Watch me ride this big fat cock on your bike! What me cum as I ride your bicycle’s cock! He blew his tiny load in his hands! I will do anything for a high, even ride a bike cock!

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