All Fun and Games Until…

pissing sex stories

Around here at the truck stop we like to play some fun but nasty games. It keeps things exciting and everyone gets a chance to be equally involved. I came up with the truck stop version of a beer funnel. Oh yeah. I am sure you can just picture it now. Except only we don’t serve beer here. It’s skunky and yellow…and mostly served warm but in comparison to beer that is about it. Yeah, sure…we can chill it for you if you want. But what fun is that? Have you guessed what our choice beverage is for the funnel? Mmmmm Hmmm that’s right, piss! Warm, hot, stinky, piss. The golden nectar. Human Juice. So here is the just of it. It’s pissers choice of which bitch he wants to fill up. Once you have selected your pussy, she lays down and spreads em’. I have a nice thick hose that you insert into her cunt hole. Make sure you get a nice tight seal, otherwise you’re going to lose all of your piss, right to the floor. Unless getting on all four and licking it up off the floor is your thing? It’s up to you.Once you get the line in her you take your dick and start pissing down the hose. He is where the fun comes in. Obviously we want to test it out and see what cunt can hold the most. So each guy in the room is going to stick his dick in the hose and piss. Filling her up all the way until we start to see the hose backing up with the golden nectar. Now he is where the real challenge comes in. It was easy to fill that cunt. But is it easy to drain her? Wrap your lips around and suck. Start emptying that piss filled fuck hole. Don’t be stingy. Share the wealth. Drain that piss hole. The best part is you get filled up with all that golden nectar and have to release it all over again into a new juice box! It’s a never ending piss funnel.

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