Dynamic duo

cum dumpster

Haley and Hazel the dynamic duo who get the customers all off. I love having a sidekick sometimes it’s nice to see someone else be the cum dumpster. I also like that we both take on cocks at the same time. There is nothing better than having one cock and having to share it. I loved working the balls while she licks up the shaft like a good whore. I think we will be doing quite the exceptional job. We will have plenty of regulars and plenty of memories made between the both of us. I love being able to fuck while she watches. I like observing her too. Two hot twats are better than one. I think when you have two freaks like us you will never want to settle for boring sluts. Life is short why not get you dicked sucked rubbed and fucked? Haley made me look so well when she blew her interview out the water! We both showed the boss our potential as a team. Two is always better than one.

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