Drunk fuck

Drunk phone sex

I kind of like getting fucked up and getting laid, sometimes the guy takes longer and that lets me get off a lot more. I don’t go to bars often, usually too busy, but I have met johns at bars for the initial meeting. Rarely just to meet men, but I was having a particularly shit day so I went to have a drink at a local watering hole. This hot but very intoxicated guy started to hit on me, I was fine with it but he seemed a little too drunk. I thought fuck it, I want to get laid.

I poured him into my car and sped off to my place. He was barely understandable, but when he slid his hand under my shirt and started expertly playing with my tits I was excited. Not just by what he was doing, but looks like the boy has skills. We got back to my place and fuck yes! He picked me up and threw my legs around his waist and walked me to the bedroom I was directing him to.

This man laid me out of the bed like I was a quest to conquer, but it was so fucking hot. He did everything slowly, took my pants off, my shirt, my panties. He got me completely naked then unzipped his pants just a bit to show his nature trail. He laid down next to me and just teased me, it was so erotic. He played with my tits and would make his way down to my clit, play a little then go back to my tits. He made me orgasm in so many ways before he even took his clothing off. Once he did, he really let out the beast. He fucked me in ways I had never experienced before. He fucked me all night, making me squirt, cum and just plain exhaust me.

….. Morning….

Blazing headache, I drank too much last night but, aah what a great wet dream I had last night. Wait, there is a warm body next to me.

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