Drugs n’ Piss

Lot Lizard Phone Sex

I found myself in need of some fast cash to score a bag, so I did what I was best at- fucking! I hitched a ride to the nearest truck stop dressed in some trashy, slutty clothes. As long as you have the right look, you don’t even need to approach men. If they know exactly what kinda girl you are, they come up to me and offer money for sex. I was barely out of the car before I had some guy trying to get his rocks off.

He came up to me and asked if I was down to party, so of course I told him, hell yeah I am! But it would cost him. He took me back to his hotel room and pulled out some nice, big crack rocks. He knew just what I wanted! He let me suck that glass dick until I was spun out of my mind. Already naked, I couldn’t help but play with my wet pussy. The drugs always boost my sex drive to animalistic levels of rage fucking.

He came at me with his meaty cock and beat my cunt like it owed him money. Grunting like a beast, I kept my legs spread wide so he could get deep into my twat. After leaving a creamy mess inside my slick fuckhole, I bent over so he could see my nice, round ass. Then, I let him take his after-sex leak, letting it spill down my backside and legs, until it was pooling underneath the chair I was on. He paid me my money and I was on my way to find some rocks of my own.

Druggy Phone Sex

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