Debbie and I love sex games!

2 Girl phone sex

Have you met Debbie yet? She is over on and she is like my best friend! We went to school together not too long ago. Debbie came from money and I was the trailer trash slut who accidentally fucked her brother and her daddy.. But Debbie didn’t get mad, instead she and I started a little game together. Who could fuck the most guys before we Graduate.. She and I would go to all the parties in school and we would take guy after guy into a spare room together. We would fuck these dumb boys and they thought we liked them!

Cum dumpster

HAHA All Debbie and I wanted was their money and what drugs they had. When Debbie started selling her pussy on the phone just like me we decided to play our game again! You can have our nasty used up pussies for cash or for something that will get us fucked up! I love to snort coke of her pussy as I watch a big thick cock going in and out of it! Make us your dirty cum whores and bring some friends over. We want to fuck and get fucked up all night long!

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